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Tackle your visibility and control challenges

As employees shift between corporate and off-corporate networks, IT teams will be challenged with inconsistent visibility and control, which in turn impacts their ability to diagnose and remediate end user issues. Another challenge lies in assuring that users are guaranteed consistent and good quality IT experiences no matter where they are.

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High visibility from the endpoint

Reduced number of helpdesk tickets

Reduced number of rogue devices and apps

Improved business-specific KPIs

Vendor consolidation

Real-time telemetry from devices & network

Learn how to solve your most challenging IT Management issues with Absolute

  • Keep hardware inventory always accurate
  • Streamline hardware audits
  • Optimize lease management
  • Avoid multi-platform segmentation
  • Keep software inventory always accurate
  • Streamline software audits
  • Help ensure end user productivity
  • Detect and eradicate shadow IT
  • Identify and eliminate hardware waste
  • Identify and eliminate software waste
  • Validate expected user behavior
  • Analyze usage patterns and provide return on investment
  • Enable remote device provisioning
  • Provide visibility for streamlined patch management workflow
  • Enforce device returns and secure re-allocations
  • Anticipate device issues
  • Enrich helpdesk tools
  • Solve problems efficiently and at scale
  • Improve time-to-resolution
  • Actively improve the employee experience
  • Deliver reliable connectivity, using tunnel and session resilience
  • Conduct diagnostics on device and network
  • Run network performance analytics outside your firewall
  • Enable seamless remote access
  • Optimize audio and video for end users
  • Assure reliable network application access for end users
  • Deliver resilient connections and apps, even in the most turbulent network conditions
  • Identify network connectivity status and issues
  • Gain access to application metrics and geolocation
  • Assess configuration statuses and impact on overall network connectivity health
  • Analyze usage patterns and provide return on investment
  • Track data usage
  • Reduce data backhaul
  • Shift from VPN to ZTNA without costly infrastructure overhaul
  • Analyze network performance to drive more information decisions
  • Conduct root cause analysis of connection problems
  • Minimize downtime by quickly identifying problems
  • Automatically trigger bandwidth and connection diagnostics
  • Visualize ZTNA policy enforcement effectiveness

What our customers love about Absolute

“Absolute is the last stand in our IT security profile. I like how it integrates with the BIOS to do its thing most of all. Once installed, it is essentially a hands-off piece of software.”

Senior Network Administrator

IT Manager, G2 Review

Persistence®: the ace up your sleeve

Leverage our unique, patented technology that is embedded in the firmware of 600+ million devices, providing a secure and always-on connection between the Absolute Platform and your endpoint.

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Asplundh deploys Absolute to their entire endpoint fleet

Asplundh maintains uncompromised visibility of its remote device fleet and enables their IT team to track, recover, or wipe devices that go missing.

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