Secure Endpoint

Secure Access

Build your service on the bedrock of Persistence

Give your customers peace of mind with the assurance that your service can’t be interrupted by malicious or negligent actors.

If you provide IT or security solutions to your customers, Absolute can provide a rock-solid foundation for you.

Self-healing endpoint security

Absolute is factory-embedded in the BIOS of most devices that your clients already use.

This makes it uniquely able to survive attempts to disable it — and this Persistence can extend to the apps and services that you depend on.

Continuous data protection

Your customers are trusting you with sensitive data — and Absolute gives you the tools to safeguard it.

Ensure encryption is always on. Discover sensitive data on vulnerable endpoints. And remotely wipe data if devices are compromised.

Always-connected IT asset management

Using Absolute’s unbreakable digital tether, you can get a birds-eye view of all of your clients’ assets — even off the corporate network.

Automate inventories, consolidate assets, and use truly accurate data to make better budgetary decisions.

Persistence® technology: the reason your clients will say, “we love how dependable they are”

Thanks to its unique position embedded in the firmware of 600 million endpoints, Absolute gives you a self-healing, two-way connection to any endpoint or application — even off your network.

Absolute already supports dozens of MSPs with resilient controls and crystal-clear data, based on an unbreakable link to all devices, data, and apps that use Absolute.

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