Absolute Ransomware Response enables organizations to assess their ransomware preparedness for endpoints, monitors their endpoint cyber hygiene across the entire device fleet and allows for an expedited endpoint recovery.

Check your strategic ransomware readiness

We evaluate your existing security posture across your Absolute registered endpoints and identify key security controls (e.g., anti-virus/anti-malware, endpoint protection, or endpoint detection and response solutions) as well as device management tools that are required to minimize ransomware exposure and assure expedited recovery efforts. In addition, you gain an understanding of which Absolute registered endpoints might have sensitive files so that you can ensure appropriate backup of those files, leveraging your existing tools.

Establish a cyber hygiene baseline across endpoints

Jointly, we establish policies that allow for monitoring and self-healing of essential device management tools and mission-critical security controls that are needed to detect, restore, and prevent ransomware. In addition, we train your personnel on how to monitor application health and apply these baseline policies to new devices as they are enrolled.

Expedite recovery tasks

We equip you with the capabilities to communicate with end users even when their devices are compromised, and to freeze endpoints to preserve evidence for litigation purposes while limiting further spread of infection. Ensure that endpoint security and device management tools that might have been rendered inoperable are functioning, even under distress, and execute workflow and task automation commands to expedite device recovery, leveraging a library of custom scripts.

Provide remote assistance in your endpoint recovery efforts

We provide remote help in your endpoint recovery efforts for up to two incidents per year, following a pre-defined playbook and leveraging the existing Absolute product capabilities. Rely on our proven expertise to reduce the demands on your hard-pressed IT admin and security teams.


"The reality is that, while organizations are very concerned about the time to recover from ransomware attacks, they often solely focus on prevention tools, without planning for the worst-case scenario: falling victim to an attack. By building a plan and improving their preparedness and simplifying the endpoint recovery process for their organizations, they can accelerate businesses’ ability to recover and resume operations."

2022 Data Threat Report Webinar, Eric Hanselman, Principal Research Analyst,
451 Research (part of S&P Global Market Intelligence)

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Absolute Ransomware Response

Absolute Ransomware Response empowers organizations to assess their ransomware preparedness for endpoints, monitor their endpoint cyber hygiene across the entire device fleet, and allow for an expedited ransomware endpoint recovery.

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