Demand more from your VPN

Available in the cloud, as a service, or on-premises, Absolute VPN scales seamlessly with your organization.

Alongside Zero Trust solutions, most organizations have a continued need for a robust VPN that meets the needs of an increasingly mobile workplace. Absolute VPN has been designed with mobile workers in mind to provide seamless remote access while improving the employee experience.

Resilient remote access

A blend of sophisticated and patented technologies improve performance when the VPN is active – especially on slow networks. Users stay connected no matter what, with session and tunnel persistence even when the network drops altogether.

Easy to implement and scale

Absolute VPN is entirely software-based and scales seamlessly as your requirements evolve – with no new hardware investments or headaches. Flexible deployment options ensure your organization is ready to work from anywhere.

Improved user experience

Patented technologies enhance audio and video performance while prioritizing mission-critical connections. An optimized, secure tunnel stabilizes and improves connectivity on weak networks, enhancing the experience for remote workers.

Offering a smoother transition to ZTNA

On-premises to cloud doesn’t happen overnight. Neither does full Zero Trust. Absolute is the only vendor to provide a world-class VPN and ZTNA solution as part of its platform, allowing for rapid or gradual ZTNA adoption.

Remote access VPN was thought of as a dying technology until COVID-19 changed the way people work.

Solving the Challenges of Modern Remote Access, Gartner 2020

Achieve resilient remote access, with Absolute VPN

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