Secure Access

Absolute Core

Built from ground up for mobility and the modern edge

An optimized tunnel to stabilize and improve connectivity

Absolute Core enables remote, deskless, field, and hybrid workers to securely access applications regardless of their location. It’s built from the ground-up for mobile-first organizations with a better experience for users and rich controls for IT.


Broad OS support (Windows, Apple iOS and macOS, Android). Resilient Windows client makes optimized tunnel tamper-proof.

Designed with remote and mobile workers in mind to provide seamless access with dynamic and robust access controls.

Always-on connectivity with Absolute Network Resilience, enabling persistent sessions — even in challenging conditions.

Video and audio optimization delivers positive employee experience and increased productivity.

Powerful policy engine with dynamic enforcement at the endpoint, eliminates chokepoints with a secure direct path to applications.

Resilient, self-healing infrastructure for cloud and on-premises deployment.

Optional Secure Web Gateway Service delivers a secure browsing experience for all – desk, mobile, or hybrid users

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Stay resilient with Absolute Core

Resilient remote access

  • Absolute’s self-healing Secure Access client for Windows is capable of automatically repairing or reinstalling itself if tampered with, accidentally removed, or otherwise stops working – ensuring it remains healthy and delivers full intended value.
  • A blend of sophisticated and patented technologies improve performance when the optimized tunnel is active – especially on slow networks. With Network Resilience, users stay connected no matter what - even when the network drops altogether.

  • Patented technologies enhance audio and video performance, while prioritizing mission-critical connections. The optimized tunnel stabilizes and improves connectivity on weak networks, enhancing the experience for remote workers.

Easy to implement and scale

A smoother transition to ZTNA

  • On-premises to cloud doesn’t happen overnight. Neither does full Zero Trust. Absolute is the only vendor to provide a world-class optimized secure tunnel and ZTNA solution as part of its platform, allowing for rapid or gradual ZTNA adoption.

  • Absolute Core is entirely software-based and scales seamlessly as your requirements evolve – with no new hardware investments or headaches. Flexible deployment options ensure your organization is ready to work from anywhere.

Absolute Secure Access Add-On

Absolute Secure Web Gateway Service

Preserve a natural browsing experience for mobile, deskless, remote, and hybrid workers while defending your organization from viruses, malware, malicious code, zero-day threats, as well as data loss or leakage.

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What experts love about Absolute Secure Access

"Remote access VPN was thought of as a dying technology until COVID-19 changed the way people work."

Solving the Challenges of Modern Remote Access, Gartner 2020

Get maximum value out of your security spend

Mitigate risk and strengthen your compliance posture with Absolute

  • Assure security efficacy via self-healing
  • Streamlined collection of compliance evidence
  • Critical application availability and uptime for incident response
  • Reduced mean time to response
  • Ease of enforcement of security configurations at scale
  • Improved risk score

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Enable the secure device lifecycle

Reduce complexities across endpoints, applications, and network access that are causing inefficiencies and risk exposure.

  • High visibility from the endpoint
  • Reduced number of helpdesk tickets
  • Reduced number of rogue devices and apps
  • Improved business-specific KPIs
  • Vendor consolidation
  • Real-time telemetry from devices & network

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Maximize your workforce’s productivity - wherever they do their work

Don't let security be a barrier to an optimized employee experience.

  • Provide always-on, work-from-anywhere capabilities for your workforce
  • Optimized user experience and uptime
  • Reduced management infrastructure
  • Resilient, reliable network apps
  • User adoption of key applications
  • Guaranteed, continuous service delivery

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Hear from your peers in the G2 Winter 2024 Report for Zero Trust Networking Software.

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Secure Access FAQ

Absolute Secure Access is one of the company’s core product lines, which was added through the acquisition of NetMotion in July 2021. The product portfolio provides resilient network connectivity for users to securely access critical resources in the public cloud, private data centers, and on-premises. These products allow users to transition from an optimized, secure tunnel to a resilient Zero Trust approach, without impairing productivity or admin controls.

Absolute Secure Access encompasses three products:

  • Absolute Core provides security and confidentiality for data in motion by means of encryption and access controls. It also offers benefits to the end user, such as making tunnel and network sessions resilient and optimizing streaming video and audio.
  • Absolute Edge provides a software-defined perimeter via Zero Trust Network Access, creating a context-based, logical access boundary around an application or set of applications – wherever they're hosted. It shields applications from the Internet, making them invisible to unauthorized users. Access policies are enforced at the endpoint, avoiding latency and any data transgression.
  • Absolute Insights for Network™ offers diagnostic and experience monitoring capabilities across endpoints and network, allowing organizations to proactively monitor, investigate, and remediate end user performance issues quickly and at scale, even on networks that are not company-owned or managed.

Absolute Secure Access packages are offered in two flavors, Absolute Core™ and Absolute Edge™ (formerly called Complete) with the included products as outlined below. Regional variations might be available.

  • Absolute Core
    • Secure, optimized tunnel
    • Policy enforcement
    • Network Access Control (NAC)
  • Absolute Edge
    • Includes Absolute Core
    • Absolute ZTNA
    • Absolute Insights for Network

For Absolute Edge customers, Absolute offers the Absolute Secure Web Gateway Service (powered by Ericom) add-on module that tightly integrates with the extensive policy capabilities in Absolute Secure Access. It strengthens an organization’s security posture while improving end user experience.

Customers can easily upgrade their subscription between Absolute Core and Absolute Edge. Capabilities are additive and enabled via a software license key.

The Absolute Secure Web Gateway Service is an add-on module that tightly integrates with the extensive policy capabilities in Absolute Secure Access, strengthening your organization’s security posture while improving your end user experience. It preserves a natural browsing experience for mobile, deskless, remote, and hybrid workers while defending organizations from viruses, malware, malicious code, zero-day threats, and data loss or leakage. It safely inspects, scrubs, and inoculates Web content in a cloud container before delivering it safely to the user’s Web browser. The Absolute Secure Web Gateway Service extends the same level of protection normally only associated with office or hybrid workers to mobile, deskless, and field workers.

The Absolute Secure Web Gateway Service is available for free trial and purchase as an add-on module to Absolute Edge on-prem or SaaS.

Absolute Secure Access supports Apple® iPad and iPhone devices (iOS 11 and later), Apple MacOS (10.13 and later), Android devices (running on Android 5.0 or later), Android for Work, Samsung KNOX, Windows Pro Tablets, laptops, and other devices running Windows 8, 10, and 11.

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