Absolute Control

Retain command of all your endpoints, all the time — even if they’re off your organization’s network — with a persistent link between your dashboard and devices.

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Safeguard your devices

Freeze lost or stolen devices. Set geofences and timers to automatically trigger these actions whenever a device leaves a safe area or stops calling in.

Earn trust and prove compliance

Selectively wipe data from at-risk endpoints. Perform end-of-life device wipes remotely and generate compliance certificates.

Enable firmware protection without bringing devices in

Get unprecedented control over your endpoint security configurations — and prevent unauthorized changes to them — by remotely managing the supervisor password for supported Lenovo devices.

Send secure, on-device end user communications

Inform users in a timely and coordinated fashion by displaying important messaging on their devices’ screen, preventing unnecessary help desk support calls and fragmented communications. Inform users of an upcoming IT event, provide instructions on how to avoid any imminent threats (e.g., ransomware attack), correct behavior in case of non-compliance to organizational policies, or solicit feedback through surveys.

Key Features of Absolute Control

Absolute Control also includes all of the features of Absolute Visibility, including automatic inventories, persistent visibility, and comprehensive data on app health, device location, and usage.



Set clear boundaries on your devices, then lock them down if they stray outside of them.

Data Delete

Data Delete

Selectively delete data from unsecure endpoints. Perform end-of-life wipes with compliance certificates.


Remote Supervisor Password

Activate firmware supervisor control for supported Lenovo devices remotely and at scale.

Data Freeze

Device Freeze

Freeze at-risk devices on demand or on a schedule. Set up offline timers to freeze devices that haven’t called in for a while.

End User Messaging

End User Messaging

Inform users in a timely and coordinated fashion by displaying important messaging on their devices’ screen or to solicit feedback.

What our customers love about Absolute Control


"As a CIO, Absolute gives me peace of mind so I can sleep at night. It has strengthened our security posture, allowing us to stay in compliance and giving us that extra level of comfort."

George Gunther

CIO at Asplundh

What you get with Absolute Control

Absolute Visibility Absolute Control Absolute Resilience
Absolute Console
Track Hardware
Measure Device Usage
Monitor Installed Software
Assess Security Posture
Monitor Health of Critical Applications
3rd-party Integrations
Detect Unauthorized Device Movement
Remotely Freeze Devices
Remotely Delete Data
Enable Firmware Protection
Secure, On-Device End User Communications
Make Critical Applications Self-healing
Identify Sensitive Information on Devices
Remotely Query & Remediate Devices at Scale
Investigate and Recover Stolen Devices

Want to make your controls truly resilient?

Absolute Control gives you unprecedented endpoint control — and Absolute Resilience gives you even more options to neutralize risks and threats. Learn more about the most full-featured set of device and data controls on the market.

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