Absolute Resilience

Grant self-healing to your mission-critical applications and get the most full-featured set of device and data controls on the market.

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Make your apps indestructible

Extend Absolute Persistence to your mission-critical apps, granting them the power to heal and reinstall themselves whenever they’re disabled, altered, or uninstalled.

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Know when sensitive data is at risk

Scan your endpoints for sensitive data like financial information, social security numbers, PHI, and intellectual property. Know when it’s on an unsecure device, even off-network.

Control your devices remotely and at scale

Query and remediate your whole device fleet to gather precise contextual insights. Address dark endpoints, ransomware attacks, and other vulnerabilities with automation and custom or pre-built workflows.

Call in the specialists when devices go missing

Let the Absolute Investigations team lead the search for your lost or stolen devices. They’ll pair up with local law enforcement to recover your hardware.

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Audit usage of web tools and content

Detailed Web usage and ROI analytics shines a light on how users are leveraging Web tools and helps you understand the value you’re getting from them. Identify access to inappropriate or unsecure content that may pose risks and detect use of unapproved Web apps to uncover emerging end user needs. Compare usage patterns of multiple Web apps subscribed to, allowing to gauge their return on investment.

Cyber Catalyst by MARSH

Absolute Resilience designated as a Cyber Catalyst by Marsh℠

Organizations that adopt Cyber Catalyst designated solutions may be considered for enhanced terms and conditions on individually negotiated cyber insurance policies with participating insurers. Cyber Catalyst participating insurers rated Absolute Resilience highest on the criteria of key performance metrics, efficiency, and flexibility.

Key Features of Absolute Resilience

Absolute Resilience contains all the features of Visibility and Control — including a persistent stream of data, automated inventories, and the power to wipe data or lock down at-risk devices.

Application Persistence

Application Persistence

Give your mission-critical applications the ability to heal and reinstall themselves after attempts to disable, remove, or reconfigure them.

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Endpoint Data Discovery

Endpoint Data Discovery

Set policies to scan your Windows and Mac devices for sensitive data at risk, including PII, PHI, PFI, SSN, GDPR, and intellectual property — on or off your network — then estimate the cost of the exposure.

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Absolute Reach

Absolute Reach

Assess and take remedial action across 100% of your Windows and Mac devices with a library of pre-built and customized scripts.

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Let Absolute’s team of former law-enforcement professionals track down your lost or stolen devices, then team up with local agencies to recover them.

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What our customers love about Absolute Resilience


"With Absolute, we can quickly assess and protect our endpoints… allowing us to keep safe the PHI that we are responsible for protecting."

Chris Schmidt

Manager of Information Security at Greenville Health System

What you get with Absolute Resilience

Absolute Visibility Absolute Control Absolute Resilience
Absolute Console
Track Hardware
Measure Device Usage
Monitor Installed Software
Assess Security Posture
Monitor Health of Critical Applications
3rd-party Integrations
Detect Unauthorized Device Movement
Remotely Freeze Devices
Remotely Delete Data
Enable Firmware Protection
Make Critical Applications Self-healing
Identify Sensitive Information on Devices
Remotely Query & Remediate Devices at Scale
Investigate and Recover Stolen Devices

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