Stay in control of your endpoints, no matter where they go

For over 25 years, Absolute has led the way with Persistence®: the only technology that enables firmware-embedded endpoint resilience.

Persistence® powers the Absolute platform – leveraging its privileged position in the firmware of more than 600 million endpoints


Thanks to Absolute’s position in the firmware, it can guarantee the health of that stream of data — and even the health of your mission-critical apps.

If anything is missing, Absolute reinstalls it. Even if it’s been reimaged. Even if the hard drive has been swapped out. So your visibility, control, and essential apps are truly persistent.


Absolute began its life in 1993 as a disable-proof tracking system. It was born out of a partnership with hardware manufacturers like Dell, Lenovo, and HP, and has since recovered over 45,000 devices.

Today, 28 of the biggest manufacturers factory-embed Absolute in the BIOS of their devices, making it virtually impossible to remove.



This privileged position in the BIOS had an unintended consequence: an indestructible tether between endpoints and the cloud-based console.

Absolute is uniquely able to provide a persistent stream of data that includes security status, hardware performance, software licenses, and hundreds of other data points.


2021 Endpoint Risk Report

Absolute Persistence forms an unbreakable, two-way connection that heals itself, enabling unprecedented endpoint intelligence


See all your devices, all the time, from a cloud-based dashboard that alerts you when risks appear.

Device Lifecycle Management

Know where all your sensitive data lives with remote and automated endpoint scanning.

Detect Endpoint Risks

Persist controls and configurations, even if malicious or negligent users attempt to disable them.

Enforce Security Standards

Respond quickly to theft or loss by freezing or wiping sensitive data from missing devices.

Respond to Endpoint Risks

Grant self-healing to your mission-critical apps so they’re consistently secure.

Improve Helpdesk Efficiency
Prove Compliance

Know and prove that data was safeguarded in the event of a breach or ransomware.

Prove Compliance

“We are amazed at their Persistence technology. An IT team member took a hard drive out and put it on another machine. The Absolute software client created itself on the new machine and the old machine with a new hard drive. Indestructible.”

David Reynolds - Systems Manager, IT
Rhode Island Blood Center

Applications can heal themselves with Application Persistence

The same BIOS-embedded Persistence can be extended to any application that runs on the same devices as Absolute. No matter who you are, if you rely on a suite of apps, Application Persistence means peace of mind for you and your organization.

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Persistence is the foundation of every Absolute solution

Whether you’re in security or IT, whether you need to secure 5 devices or 500,000, Absolute has a plan that maps to your organization’s needs.

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