Automate software audits

Reduce license waste by automatically generating a precise inventory of your software assets

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Rooting out shadow IT, finding unused software licenses, and reinstalling necessary apps are all costly time-sinks. Absolute helps consolidate your software in a fraction of the time.

Create a bulwark against shadow IT

83% of organizations use cloud services not approved by IT departments — See where end users have installed unauthorized or non-secure apps, and remotely uninstall software that poses a security risk.


Absolute collects hundreds of data points for device, including software application, version, program, publisher, and catalog data. Once you’ve discovered unauthorized software, Absolute can deploy custom scripts to uninstall shadow IT remotely.

Shave expenses from your licensing budget

30-40% of IT budgets are spent on unauthorized licenses — By checking software data against your list of licenses, you can use Absolute to find unused or unauthorized software licenses — then consolidate them to save money.


Absolute detects the software installed on all devices it’s active on. Compare this with device-level usage statistics such as login frequency to determine if any licenses are unused or underutilized.

Ensure you’re always ready for license audits

51% of Fortune 100 companies are using unlicensed software — Avoid fines and messy external audits with tamper-proof visibility of all your devices and software. Connect with our experts for custom plans to rapidly achieve compliance.


The Absolute Agent is self-healing and resilient. Absolute is able to survive formatting and OS re-install on BIOS embedded models. So it continues to collect data, regardless of any attempts to remove or alter it by malicious or negligent users.

The Absolute Assist program connects you with Absolute Professional Services: our consultants who can work with your team to create and execute plans to achieve license or regulatory compliance.

Keep critical apps running, no matter what

55% of security gaps are caused by applications being removed or disabled — When users disable essential security apps, reinstall them remotely from the Absolute dashboard. Go one step further by making them as resilient as Absolute is.


Absolute Persistence can extend to your applications, automatically re-installing them if missing and repairing broken software components on non-functioning applications.

Other ways Absolute can streamline your IT and security projects

Automate hardware audits

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Enforce endpoint security standards

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Find and fix vulnerabilities

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“The support I've received through Absolute has been excellent thus far. They have worked with me on ensuring I was in compliance with licenses.”

IT Administrator, G2 Review

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