Device lifecycle management

Provision, set up, manage, and decommission your device fleet — with a persistent connection and unmatched visibility

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Get a crystal-clear inventory of all your assets, then manage them safely, remotely, and at scale. So you and your end users can worry less about the details and focus more on the big picture.

See the big picture

51% of an organization’s devices can’t be seen at any given time — Absolute is embedded in your devices’ firmware at the factory — which means you can build an unbreakable digital tether to your entire fleet. This gives you a true, up-to-the-minute inventory of all your assets.


Absolute’s location in the firmware of devices means it’s not only nearly impossible to disable — it’s able to heal itself automatically. So the link between your dashboard and devices holds strong, no matter what a negligent or malicious user may attempt to do.

Manage your fleet without physical access

75% of organizations admit they are not keeping up with software patching — Gather precise insights, execute custom workflows, and deploy automation commands — and do it all remotely and quickly with Absolute’s plentiful library of pre-written scripts.


Absolute is able to deploy software and make machine configuration changes, even when machines are remote and not connected to the domain.

Reduce your risk levels

72% of organizations depend on manual inspection for endpoint compliance — Ensure there’s no sensitive data left on a device when it’s decommissioned. Freeze or wipe lost or missing devices. And do all this even if controls have been disabled or removed.


The Absolute Agent is self-healing and resilient. Absolute is able to survive formatting and OS re-install on BIOS embedded models. So once a lost or stolen device connects to the Internet, from anywhere in the world, Absolute will call home and allow you to freeze, quarantine, or wipe data from the device.

Boost productivity through automation

55% of security gaps are caused by applications being removed or disabled — Your time and budget are limited. Maximize their return by automating updates, configuration changes, and risk assessment. So you get the security posture you paid for.


Manage all of your devices (Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Android) from a single dashboard and run reports regarding the status of antivirus and encryption. Create alerts for when conflicts or performance issues arise.

Other ways Absolute enables the secure lifecycle

Automate hardware audits

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Respond to endpoint risks

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“The role of Absolute is critical in two specific ways: it provides validation to our internal asset management platform and extends access to our computer population when we find them outside of our control.”

Dave Johnson - Director, Strategic Services
Grant Thornton LLP

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