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Bovis Homes Group PLC specializes in building residential developments. The company has a workforce of more than 1,200, many of whom are temporary employees located at construction sites working off the corporate network.

With a largely remote workforce, Bovis Homes has faced the ongoing challenge of locating rogue devices. With the introduction of GDPR, the company realized they needed to find a partner that would strengthen their overall security posture to be compliant.

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Bovis Homes


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Bovis Homes needed to be able to do a full audit of their devices to find out how many they actually had, each device’s location, as well as encryption status.

In addition to better reporting on their true endpoint population, Bovis Homes’ IT team were required to meet the standards of GDPR compliance and be able to prove each device had operational encryption installed. Finally, they wanted to be able to track, trace, and wipe any lost or stolen devices.


Bovis Homes was drawn to Absolute’s unique endpoint visibility, control, and reporting capabilities – specifically, the ease of tracking and wiping a stolen device.

With Absolute, the team can see which antivirus/anti-malware software is installed on each device, whether it is up-to-date, as well as historical data about the encryption status. As Paul Baird, Bovis Homes’ IT Security Operations Manager says: “It’s standard for BitLocker to be installed on all of our endpoints. But if it’s not running, then it’s not useful, is it?”

GDPR has raised the stakes for the protection of personal data. If a device is unencrypted at the time of a security incident, then Bovis Homes would have to report it and face the potentially costly consequences. Absolute now provides the team with confidence to be able to maintain, as well as accurately report on, device security.


Bovis Homes can now recover older devices for refurbishment and re-use.
Absolute is used on all 1,000 Bovis Homes devices to provide irrefutable network information.
The company is compliant and can remediate any incidents that might put it at risk.

It takes a lot for me to put my faith in an application. I have confidence that the stats Absolute shows me are true to what’s going on in the network. I believe everything it tells me.

Paul Baird
IT Security Operations Manager
Bovis Homes
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