Omdia Market Radar:
Endpoint Security Platforms, 2022

The combination of enterprise mobility, digital transformation, and bring-your-own device culture has led to an explosion of endpoints accessing corporate resources and data. Each of these endpoints, when taken together, forms a growing part of an attack surface that, if left unaddressed, creates a potential hole in your organization’s security architecture.

In Omdia’s latest Market Radar report, the current state of endpoint security technology is discussed as well as some of the fundamental and future capabilities that security platforms should feature.

Omdia has also highlighted several leading vendors in this sector, including Absolute. Our feature begins on page 21.

Download the full report to learn more.

"As endpoint and broader infrastructure security platforms continue to evolve, an integrated approach that includes the entire cycle, from proactive prevention, through detection and to response, becomes increasingly necessary."

Omdia Market Radar: Endpoint Security Platforms, 2022

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