Secure your devices and data with firmware-embedded visibility and control

Get maximum value out of your security spend and avoid headline events with an unbreakable connection to all your devices and data.

Create a digital tether for uninterrupted visibility

Absolute is always able to heal or reinstall itself, even after hard drive swaps or re-imaging — meaning persistent visibility and control for your devices. And you can extend this technology to your essential applications to make them completely resilient.

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Eliminate headline events by closing security gaps

Software gets removed. Sensitive data gets exposed. Malicious actors disable controls. Devices go missing or end up in unauthorized areas.

Absolute alerts you to these warning signs so you can respond faster, accurately assess risk, and stay compliant.

Enforce endpoint security configurations remotely and at scale

A large portion of your budget goes into device and data controls, but that spend is wasted if controls are off. It’s time you got what you paid for.

Whenever a device deviates from your endpoint security standards, Absolute alerts you so you can take action.

Mitigate breaches, ransomware, and other incidents

Respond to exposures and risk with confidence. Remotely freeze or isolate devices, delete data, and track lost or stolen devices.

Minimize the cost of compliance violations, device replacement, and losing data that gives you a competitive edge.

Prove you’re meeting compliance standards

Satisfy organizational and regulatory requirements by proving that security measures were in place at the time of an incident, or during any audit cycle.

Give you and your customers peace of mind by avoiding breach notifications and financial penalties.

Persistence®: your unfair advantage against cyber threats

Thanks to its unique position embedded in the firmware of 600 million endpoints, Absolute gives you a self-healing, two-way connection to any endpoint or application — even off your network.

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Solve your most challenging security and IT issues with Absolute 

“[It's like] insurance for compliance with data protection standards. I can sleep at night knowing that I won’t necessarily need to report a breach, even if a device walks due to theft.”

InfoSec manager, Healthcare

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