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Empowering Organizations to Troubleshoot in a Remote Workculture

Duration: 1 hour

In today’s work-from-anywhere environment, device and security risks can appear from a variety of different sources. IT and security teams are expected to swiftly troubleshoot potential risks before they progress into more serious security incidents. Learn how you can utilize Absolute’s remediation capabilities to identify and respond to device risks and vulnerabilities to maintain your organization’s security posture, lower helpdesk costs, and assure employee productivity.

Key Highlights

  • Customize alerts to identify device performance issues or security risks and build geofences to be alerted when devices breach approved location policies.
  • Utilize the Absolute Reach library containing 130+ pre-built scripts to respond to a variety of risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Scan for files containing sensitive data (e.g. PII, PHI, credit cards details, corporate IP, etc) and delete specific files to reduce your organization’s data exposure.

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Neeraj Annachhatre

Senior Global Product Marketing Manager
Absolute Security

Brian Carmenatty

Sales Engineer
Absolute Security

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What our customers love about Absolute

“Absolute is the last stand in our IT security profile. I like how it integrates with the BIOS to do its thing most of all. Once installed, it is essentially a hands-off piece of software.”

Senior Network Administrator

IT Manager, G2 Review

Financial Services